School Improvement Process



School Improvement Goals 2020-2026

  1. School Improvement Action Plan

    1. District Overarching Goal: McCook Public Schools will focus teacher and staff development on the processes and procedures necessary to implement a high functioning professional learning community (PLC), which collaborates regularly on developing and improving curriculum, assessments, teaching/instruction, and intervention.

      1. District Goal: Directly and significantly impact student learning through the implementation of a comprehensive instructional program approach focused on high quality teacher training, collaboration, curriculum development, assessment development, and multi-tiered student learning support structures.

      2. Mission of the Action Plan: The mission of this plan is to appropriately prepare MPS staff to work as a collaborative community capable of equipping all students to succeed in a complex global society, which is focused on enabling all students to master a guaranteed and viable curriculum that has been deemed essential for success in school and in life after graduation

  2. What is A Comprehensive Instructional Program Approach

    1. Collaborative professional teams working on

      1. Curriculum

        1. Viable

        2. Appropriately scoped and sequenced

        3. All students are guaranteed opportunities to learn

        4. Valued

          1. Essential

          2. Good to know

          3. Worth knowing

        5. Scaffolded & unpacked

      2. Assessment development

        1. Appropriate measure of learning objectives

          1. Valid

        2. Free from bias

        3. Assessed for mastery

          1. Depth of knowledge

        4. Results (data) analysed, discussed, and used to guide future teaching

      3. Instructional training on quality practices

        1. Direct instruction lesson design

          1. ITIP

        2. Impactful practices

          1. Authentic literacy approach

          2. Jigsaw

          3. Frayer model

          4. Teacher clarity

          5. Etc, etc…

        3. Regular checks for understanding to guide instruction

      4. Student support for interventions

        1. RtI

    2. Our comprehensive instructional program approach is what we do.

      1. LINK to our look ahead table - The far right column is what we do