External Team Visit 2020

External Team Members: 
Team Leader: Mike Mason, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Scottsbluff Public Schools
Member: Jana Mason, Principal Scottsbluff
Member: Todd Weimer, ESU 15 Technology
Member: Kelly Erickson, ESU 15 Staff Developer
Member: Stephanie Malcolm, ESU 15 Staff Developer
Member: Becky Michael, Content Specialist Scottsbluff

Prep Data: 

  • McCook is a community of approximately 7,600 people.  

  • One non-public K-8 School, St. Pats Catholic School

  • Tri-state hub for retail and entertainment 

  • Major employers include Valmont, Parker, Van Diest, Walmart, Community Hospital

  • Ag Based Economy

  • McCook Community College, about 400 full time students, 1,500 enrolling per semester

  •  Four past Governors have at one time made McCook their home: Ralph Brooks, Frank Morrison,  Ben Nelson, & Dave Heinemann

  • Home of Senator George Norris, founder of the Nebraska Unicameral and Rural Electrification Association

  • LINK Red Willow County Named Poorest County in Nebraska.  

Tentative Agenda:
Tuesday, February 11
External Team Visitors & Host: Joel Bednar
7:00 PM @ Pizza Hut
*Hotel Reservations have been made at the Holiday Inn Express.
Wednesday,  February 12
McCook Junior High Boardroom (Map Location)
7:30  Coffee/Rolls: Introductions/Initial Presentation
8:30  External Team Visitor Collaboration and Planning Time
10:00  Building Visits: Junior High/High School
11:00  Teacher Interviews: Junior High/High School
12:00 Lunch provided in Junior High Boardroom
1:00  Building Visits: McCook Elementary/Central Elementary 
2:00 PLC Visitation/Teacher Interviews: McCook Elementary/Central Elementary 
3:00 External Team work time
*Evening Meal TBD
Thursday, February 13
8:00 Coffee/Rolls
8:30- 12:00 - Work Time
When prepared or 1:00 pm - Presentation